Welcome to The Swiss Puzzle. Where the fun of a challenging Puzzle is rewarded with a stunning Piece of Art. Enjoy the whole Process of creating something spectacular like assembling the whole of Switzerland with its spectacular Mountain Ranges.

The People behind The Swiss Puzzle is just us, Una Wang and Philip Blaser. We are a married couple living in Zurich, Switzerland. Una is an Architect and Philip is a Mechanical Engineer. We were looking for a project that combines the both of our worlds and lets us create something we love. We were very proud of the look of our first self designed and 3D Printed Puzzle. And wanted to share it with a broader community.

Believe us, this is only the start of a wonderful journey into the world of 3D Printed Landscape Puzzles. We still have many more ideas and are very eager to proceed.

If you have any Questions or Ideas for other Puzzles please feel free to contact us!

Thanks for stopping by.

Una & Philip